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Trademark Renewal

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The validity term of trademark is 10 years. The applicant shall handle the extension within 12months before the trademark expired. If not handled in this period , there are 6 months of extension period. But still not extended yet, the Trademark Office shall write off the Trademark. Every validity of extension registration is 10 years.


Ordering the service is valid within 12 months before expiration of Trademark Certificate or 6 months of extension period, or the order is invalid.



  • Pay the order

  • Apply the extension

  • Report its schedule

  • Finish the service


  • Submit the application

  • Apply for the acceptance

  • Apply for examination

  • Check and approve the extension

  • Issue the certification



Customer submits the material of trademark extension →Submit to the Trademark Office (1-5 working days)


Apply for the extension → Issue the notice of the acceptance from the Trademark Office (1-3 months)


Apply the acceptance → Check and approve the extension from the Trademark Office(3-4 months)


(1) Is there nothing to follow up after the trademark have registered?

A: After successfully the trademark have registered, there still have to pay attention to the maintenance of the trademark! Possibly due to objection, revocation, declaration of avoidance, and the exclusive right to use the registered trademark does not renew after the expiry, the exclusive right of the registered trademark would be lost.

(2) What is the role of trademark renewal?

A: The trademark renewal is the prerequisite for the continued rights of the trademark protection after the expiration, and to ensure the long-term uninterrupted use of the exclusive right to protect the registered trademark.

(3) How long does it take for trademark renewal?

A: Trademark renewal generally takes about 6 months, the longest not more than 10 months.

(4) Does it worth that trademark renewal fee is even higher than to re-apply for a registered trademark?

A: trademark registration requires to review if virtual content of the trademark is legitimate but also to review whether the form content is matched conditions of trademark registration, so it takes a long time for a wide range of issues; trademark renewal only review the form content, as long as the submitted material are completed and can continue to have the exclusive right of registered trademark. Reapplication will result in a blank period of trademark protection (more than 2 years), even though others could register the trademark in advance. Obviously trademark renewal is more effective than re-applying for a registered trademark to protects trademark rights.

(5) What will happen if the trademark does not renew?

A: The expiration of the trademark will lead to minimum two years of trademark protection, and even completely lose the trademark. If the trademark is cancelled due not to be renewed in the extension period, the registration shall not be re-applied within one year from the date of cancellation, and the application will not be approved by others. after a year from the date of cancellation anyone can apply. If do not re-apply, you will lose the trademark.

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