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Trademark Objection Reply

Trademark Reply

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Reply to Trademark Opposition is that the opposed party should submit literal reply and evidence material to the Trademark Office within 30 days of received the copy notice of opposition reply and application of opposition. Non-submitted is a way to give up the right and procedure of opposition is conducted as usual.


1.Please order the service within 30 days after received notice of reply to opposition and the copy of application of opposition as soon as possible, that is good for our well-prepared reply to opposition. Otherwise the order is ineffective.

2.The date on which the notice of reply to opposition and the copy of the application for opposition is received shall be counted from the date on which the notice is received by the agency or on the date of postmarking of the mail received by the applicant.



  • Pay the order

  • Conduct the reply

  • Report its schedule

  • Finish the service


  • Submit the reply

  • Accept the reply

  • Opposition hearing

  • Judge the opposition

  • Issue the ruling in writing



Customer submits material of trademark pledge → submit to Trademark Office(1-5 working days)


Submit the material → accepted by the Trademark Office (1-3 months)


Apply the acceptance → judged by the Trademark Office (12-18 months)


1. What is the function of trademark defense?

A: Reply to trademark is a necessary procedure to prevent the trademark opposed , announcement of invalidation, and cancellation. Proper application could keep effective the exclusive right of registered trademark and get the exclusive right of the trademark that is not registered yet. But if not replying, it would increase the other’s probability of success.

2. How long does it take to handle reply of a trademark?

A. Handling reply to trademark opposition and reply to announcement of invalidation to be received in reply to the notice and a copy of the relevant application within 30 days from the date of a copy of the application to the CRIC to file a defense and submit evidence;for trademark cancellation without the use of trademark reply to be received Within two months from the date of the notification, file a defense and submit evidence to the CRIC

3. Who can handle the reply to a trademark?

A: - the applicant can reply by themselves; Entrust like Xiaoma those who is professional agent recorded in the Trademark Office due to expertise reply. Recommend to entrust a professional agency to reply.

4. How judge if it need to reply to the Trademark, because reply to the trademark cannot guarantee success?

A: There is a situation that is necessary to make reply to trademark opposition: there is a big difference in sound, shape, meaning of the opposed trademark with the opponent's trademark itself, the opposed trademark is the same category but unlike with the opponent’s approved trademark. The prior right (that is prior to registration) has a certain originality; There is a situation that is necessary to make reply to announcement of invalidation: the public is aware that the trademark is owned by the invalid declarant if the trademark has a high reputation based on the operation of the declarant; There is a situation that is necessary to make reply to nonuse: justified reasons without the use for three consecutive years .

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