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2016-06-03 17:29:46

About Service Provider


XiaoMa provided the services offers by XiaoMa Proprietary service and XiaoMa cooperative service provider. On the one hand XiaoMa Proprietary service is provided by business departments from XiaoMa Group. on the other hand XiaoMa has also integrated a number of cooperative service providers (mainly for the transfer of intellectual property rights or rights protection business, including businesses or individuals) to provide customers with service. The reason why XiaoMa adopted this model is mainly based on optimizing areas and staffing and providing more convenient, faster and more efficient service.

I XiaoMa Proprietary Service


XiaoMa provides services that all is participated by self-team, that has more than 10 years of related experience for integrated services of intellectual property rights, legal services, company integrated services, and recruits a large number of related professionals who engaged in related Service qualification and ability is beyond all doubt.

II XiaoMa Cooperative Service Provider.


For service provider cooperated with XiaoMa, we must check and approve their relative qualification. Details as below:


1.    Identify certification: if XiaoMa cooperative service provider is enterprise, we must verity its business license. if XiaoMa cooperative service provider is individual, we must verify ID card or passport to confirm the identity of two parties of trading is true and effective.


2.    Verifying certificate of honor: in the light of responsible attitude, XiaoMa verifies certificate of honor for XiaoMa cooperative service provider, including but not limited: high-tech enterprises, provinces and cities well-known trademarks, patent gold medal, to ensure that their honor and qualification is real and effective.


3.    XiaoMa examine and verify the validity of the IP provided by XiaoMa Cooperative Service Provider: when XiaoMa cooperative service provider will use the pony network for transferring intellectual property, XiaoMa will strictly examine the transferring trademark, patent, copyright and transferred effectiveness of its results to ensure that transferred is real and effective.

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