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2016-06-02 14:41:09

I Register account


1.How could you do when you can’t receive the security code in your phone?


First, please confirm if your phone no. is correct for received the security code

Second, please confirm if your phone has intercepted the SMS or set the filter software.

Then, please confirm if your phone No. has been expired.( be closing down or arrearage.)

Last, if above all problems don’t exist. Please be patient to wait due to the process of receiving SMS is delayed.


2.How do you retrieve your password when password are forgotten or stolen?


First, please click ‘ forget password’ in login interface.

Second, please input phone no. registered in XiaoMa Network and security code, and then click ‘ login immediately’

Third, After logged in, you can enter the account of the page of reset password to reset it.

Forth, Set the new password which is in 6-20 digits including upper and lower letter, number and so on.


3.How do you register a XiaoMa account?


First, enter XiaoMa Network (http://ss.ma.cn/),  click “Free Register”

Second, please input your user name, login password, phone No., security code and click “acquire SMS security code”.

Third, input the security code that you have received in your phone and click “register immediately”

Forth,  Create the account of XiaoMa Net successfully.


II Purchase Guidelines


1. How could you purchase?


First, After logged in the account of XiaoMa Net, enter into the interface of service products and click your needed service product to purchase.

Second, click “submit Order” and enter into billing page to pay.

Third, please confirm again your purchase order before paying in case ordered wrong products. If need issue the invoice, please remark your title of the invoice( individual or company name ).

Forth, Select modes of payment and pay the corresponding billing


2. How could you do offline payment?


First, select your service that you want to purchase and click into billing page.

Second, select the mode of payment “Remit Money”

Thirdplease check again bank account of XiaoMa Net carefully and then pay the order.

Forth, After paid successfully, input bank serial number of the remittance and inform it to special support staff.

Fifth, after XiaoMa financial staff confirmed receipt of payment, the payment is complete.


3. What is the mode of online payment in XiaoMa Net?


There are own payment system in XiaoMa Net and you can login http://pay.ma.cn/  to check.


4. How are risk agent and other service projects paid that are charged as per the amount of target value?


Risk agent and other service projects that are charged as per the amount of target value all have to pay at offline and charge as per actual achievement after completed the service.


5. What is XiaoMa Shroff account No.?



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