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Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration($99 included public expense)

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Our Strength:

Specializing in business of intellectual property rights for 12 years and served over 70 thousands enterprises. Our global team are over a thousand person (UK, Germany, France, Japan, Korea),over cooperated 370 service agencies in global, offer ground services in over 40 cities of all country.

Our Target:

Faster handling modify trademark, striving to the leading of the industry.

Our advantages:

The global team of multilingual services; rich experience focusing on rights protection for 12 years, gathering in many professionals; reduced agency fees by over 90 %; and improve 100% the quality of service.

Our commitment:

Safe payment, clearly price, agency fees reduced by more than 90%, increase by 100% in quality of service, provided services 7 × 24 hours, submitted to the trademark office in time in the day when received modify material to ensure quality and effects of service.



Be easy to identify the provider of the products or service.


A condition for health inspection, quality inspection and bar code.


A condition for official authorized in Wechat and Microblog


A condition for settled in Tian Mao, Jingdong and such E-commerce.


Prevent the identification or name of product and service be stolen.


Establish the value of the enterprise brand to form invisible asset.


Improve the effect of publicity and promotion for the enterprise brand.


[1] It is unavoidable blank period within 2 months before the trademark similarity inquire. But In practice,the probability of occurrence is extremely small .
[2] Trademark registration is by manual review of the Trademark Office subject to a certain degree of subjective and objective factors, so the success rate of trademark registration is not 100%, we will promptly
feedback the registration progress of the trademark.
[3] Limit 10 products or services in a category. If beyond 10 products or services,charge
200RMB per added items.
[4] The validity of trademark registration is 10 years from the date of approved registration.
[5] The planning trademark registration doesn’t submit the application until we have agreed
with customer.
[6] By now, this service does not support refunds.



  • Trademark inquire

  • Pay the order

  • Apply registration

  • Report its schedule

  • Finish the service


  • Submit the application

  • Formal examination

  • Notice of the acceptance

  • Substantive examination

  • Announcement of first trial

  • Announcement of registration

  • Issue the certificate



Issue the notice of acceptance within 3-4 months after submitted application.


Finish the substantive examination within 9 months after the date of application.


Announcement period of the first trial is 3 months.


Issue the registration certificate about 13months after the date of application.

Note: above all periods are only for your any reference. The specific period is as per handling in the Trademark Office.


1. What is trademark?

A: A trademark is a tool used that differentiates goods and services from each other. A trademark is a special recognizable sign that can be words, image, letters, figures, 3D logo, sound with colors, or a combination of any of these.

2.What’s the benefit of register a trademark?

A: It make convenient for promote brand and attract the attraction of customers. Especially for the sound trademark, customers will be fascinated by the stunning sounds. Crack down on malicious competition behavior like counterfeit. The applicant will share the exclusive right of trademark after the success of registration, also can protect its trademark rights effectively by using national apparatus.

3. Why register trademark timely?

A: The protection of trademark rights stress prior principle, namely people who register it first own its rights. If not register it timely the trademark will stolen by rivals, and you will fail to gain the maximum interest of the brand investment in the beginning, also make yourself to be infringer.

4. Who can register trademark?

A: To register a trademark, you can apply for it by yourself or entrust a agency with registration, normally, the latter. Because there is a limited qualification of apply for it by yourself, and it is also time consuming of trademark process. The best choice is to entrust a professional agency like XiaoMa.

5. How to register trademark by yourself?

A: If you register a trademark by yourself, you must submit the copy of business license (duplicate) of individual businesses, the copy of personal ID card, sample of your trademark. You can not apply for a trademark without handle the business license of individual businesses.

6. Why should entrust a professional agency if one can register a trademark by himself? Will it be 100 percent with a a professional agency? What kind of risk will have?

A: On account of the professionalism and long-cycle of trademark registration, you’d better entrust a trademark agency (like XiaoMa) with registration. The trademark attorney will conduct an analysis and give a professional judgment based on your particular case, related laws and regulations, his/her own experience. Besides, the professional agency has great advantage on time. Whoever register a trademark can not ensure 100 percent success. There are two main risks of trademark registration. One is as the 3-4 months blind period of registration, the trademark can not be recorded into the system by National Trademark Office and can not be inquired, which means could not confirm whether or not someone else has registered the same or similar trademark. Another is the trademark is reviewed by inspector of Trademark Office, it is hard to avoid personal factors in the review.

7. How long it will take to get the trademark certificate when begin to register trademark normally?

A: According to the new Trademark Law, the quickest time will be 13-14 months. It will take more if there are other intervening factors like objection.


8. Whether or not there is nothing to worry about if one has registered trademark successfully?

A: There is still need for trademark maintenance after having registered trademark successfully. Otherwise it will lead to lose the exclusive right of trademark due to objection, revocation, announcement of invalid, without renewal after the expiration of trademark registration.

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