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  • Copyright revocation

Copyright revocation

Copyright revocation

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Copyright revocationfollowing the law, the copyright owner or registrant can apply to revocation of copyright, include copyright register, copyright contract record, other register about copyright.

I Necessary information

1ID of copyright owner(ID or business license)

2Evidentiary document for copyright revocation;

3Copy of copyright of works and contract certificate of registration.

4Sign the power of attorney.

II Service process

1Copyrights consult;(2Pay the order;(3Get the revocation;(4Schedule report;(5Service complete.

III Copyright office process

1Apply;(2Accept the apply;(3Investigate the apply;(4Approve the record;(5Issued the certificate.

IV Requisition cycle

1Client submit the application document→write the document(in 5 working days);

2Client confirm the application document→submit to copyright office(in 5 working days);

3Accept the apply→approval the document→issued the certificate(in 30 working days);


Attention: Above is just for reference, please follow the rule of copyright office as the criterion.


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