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  • Request of nullity of a pattent

Request of nullity of a pattent

Request of nullity of a pattent

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"Request Of Nullity Of A Patent > Patent for invention"—$10588/Piece ""—$0.00/Piece(Other Fee)

Request of nullity of a patentany person or organization think patent is against the law, could request of nullity of a patent, if patent is declare nullity, it will see as nullity from the begin.

I Application of patent nullity request.

1In practical investigate, because of complexity and boundedness of patent,  or didn’t do the practical investigate, some patent will get certificate but it’s should not.

2In fact, patent nullity request is always use as the fight back measures who is under the prosecute of patent infringement. In some specific industry, someone will request of nullity of patent if they think it’s cause the unfair monopoly.

3Some patent owner will request of nullity of patent to some similarity patent to protect it’s own technology and market advantage.

II Necessary information

1ID of applicant(ID or business license);

2Patent, technical and other document about the nullity patent.

3Please supply these document as below if Request of nullity or infringement of a patent.

a)     Product, photo, product specification and other document

b)     All the document include the lawsuit request from the people’s court.

c)     Infringing information about the business, technology source, time, production.

4Sign the power of attorney.

III Service process

1Patent consult;(2Pay the order;(3Request;(4Schedule report;(5Service complete.

IV Patent office process

1Submit apply;(2Accept apply;(3Investigate apply;(4Issue the order.

V Requisition cycle

1Client submit the apply document→Write the document(in 7 working days);

2Client confirm the apply document→Submit to patent office(in 1-5 working days);

3Summit request→accept request(in 1 month)

4Investigate apply→Give a ruling(in 8-12 months)

Attention: Above is just for reference, please follow the rule of patent office as the criterion.

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