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  • Application for invention patent

Application for invention patent

Application for invention patent

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Application for invention patent, is the new technical proposal to product, method and other improvement.

I Service reminder

1Term of protection for patent invention is 20 years, for utility model and appearance design is 10 years.

2Before apply the patent, we should have a agreement about the patent first.

II Necessary information

1Information of applicant, inventor name, ID(ID or business license),address and postcode;

2Technical disclosure document;

3Sign the power of attorney.

III Service process

1Patent consult;(2Pay the order;(3Apply;(4Schedule report;(5Service complete.

IV Patent office process

1Submit apply;(2Accept apply;(3Primary review;(4Publish the announcement;(5Substantive examination;(6Approve patent;(7Issue the certificate.

V Requisition cycle

1Client submit the apply document→Specialist check, write apply document (in 7 working days);

2Client confirm the apply document→submit to patent office(in 1-5 working days);

3Accept apply→Get the notice of acceptance(in 1-30 working days);

4Primary review(in 4-6 month);

5Publish the announcement(advantange:6-8 months,normal:18 months);

6Substantive examination;

7Accept the apply→patent licensing(in 2-3 years);

Attention: Above is just for reference, please follow the rule of patent office as the criterion.



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Application For Invention Patent
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