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  • Agency Account

Agency Account

Establishing accounts, accounting, organizing account, preparing statements and vouchers, tax declaration, agency receiving receipt, agency social security.

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"Agency Account > Small-scale taxpayer > Entrust 1 year"—$882/Piece ""—$0.00/Piece(Other Fee)

I Service Assurance

a)     Refund within 7 days with no reasons

b)     Service for 7X24 hours

c)     Specially handling with seamless connection

d)     Information confidentiality with safe keeping

e)     Respond complain in 3 minutes.

f)      Compensate first if accountant would lead to be punished

II Content of the Service

a)     Establishing accounts, accounting, organizing account

b)     Preparing statements and vouchers,

c)     Tax declaration

d)     Reminder of latest news about industrial and commercial tax.

e)     Agency receiving invoice and social security.

f)      Annual inspection of normal business license.

III Required material

a)     Copy of duplicate of business license

b)     Copy of ID cards of institutional shareholders

c)     Copy of bank opening account license and credit code certificate

d)     Original of ETS deducting tax agreement signed by Bank

e)     Passwords for national tax of No.1 window and No.2 window

f)      Password for local tax and password for individual income tax

g)     Hand over current year of account book, voucher and statement.

 IV Procedure of the Service

a)     Consult the service

b)     Pay the order

c)     Sign the agency agreement

d)     Receive voucher

e)     Accountant keeps account

f)      Declare tax

g)     Finish the service

h)     Give back the materials





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Agency Account(free services fee)

Agency Account(Free Services Fee)

Agency Account

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