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  • Company Modify & Cancel

Company Modify & Cancel

Company modify & cancel

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"Company modify and cancel > Name modify"—$436/Piece ""—$0.00/Piece(Other Fee)

I Service Assurance

a)     Marked and clear price and no other extra charges

b)     Specifically handling by specific staff with seamless connection

c)     Respond on the complain with swift response

d)     Information confidentiality with safe keeping

II Required Material

(1)modify name

a)     Company’s seal and business license

b)     New name

(2) modify address

a)     Copy of certificate of real estate for the new address

b)     Company’s seal and business license.

(3)Change the stockholder’s rights

a)     Stock Transfer Agreement

b)     Company’s Seal and business license

c)     Copy of identify certificate for stockholder

(4) Modify the scope of business

a)     New proposed scope of business

       b)     Company’s seal and business license

(5) Cancellation of the company

a)     All of seals and licenses

b)     All financial material such as general ledger and subsidiary accounts

III Procedure of the Service

a)     Consult the cancellation

b)     Pay the order

c)     Conduct the cancellation

d)     Report its schedule

e)     Finish the service

f)      Give back the material

IV Handling Period

a)     Modify period:20-30 working days

b)     Cancellation period:3-6 months





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