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One by one national registration (USA Convention Registration), refers to a kind of trademark protection that trademark applicant to a foreign country or region to apply for trademark protection.


I The importance of Register International Trademark

1)     Trademark protection is territorial. The trademark shall be registered in the corresponding designated country or region to obtain the legal protection from the country or region.

2)     Enhance international influence of the brand and brand awareness of consumer.

3)     To prevent registered trademarks from being pre-registered in foreign countries, to avoid unnecessary costs and losses of right protection, and to achieve the strategic protection of registered trademarks.


II Reminder of Service

1)     The order price of this trademark registration service is only a deposit. The final fee shall be determined by the basic fee of applying country and the category and quantity of the commodity.

2)     To be registered trademarks, we submit the application of registration until agreed with the customer,


III Required Material

1)     Applicant 's identity certificate (ID card or business license);

2)     To sign the Trademark Proxy;

3)     provide a trademark sketch;

4)     photocopies of the domestic "Trademark Registration Certificate" or photocopies of the Notice of Acceptance;

5)     If the basic registration or application of the trademark have been changed, transferred or renewal and such like follow-up business in domestic, there needs to submit a copy of the approval certificate.


IV Procedure of service

1)   Register consult

2)   Select the category of commodity and the category of service.

3)  Pay the order

4)  Declare register

5)  Report schedule

6)  Finish the service


V The general procedure in registered country


1)     Submit application

2)     Issue Notice of application acceptance

3)     Formal examination

4)     To make an announcement

5)     Issue  a registration certificate







 (1) how  properly choose the pattern of international trademark registration?

A: If your trademark is mainly used in a specific area (eg Europe, Asia, Africa) or worldwide, Xiaoma recommends the Madrid International Register to specify the required area; if your trademark is only widely used in a few countries, Xiaoma recommends that you use one by one independent international registration.

 (2) What is the advantages of independent international registration compared to Madrid registered,?

A: 1, international independent registration is more flexible and active than the Madrid registration. Most countries of independent registration do not require registered basic marks in original country, and therefore it is free to to register as needed;

2, Smaller risk. The same as domestic trademark registration, international independent registration will firstly search the trademark to assess the risk, in order to grasp the application of the trademark if it is already preregistered or infringed;

3, It is more stable, more conducive to trademark protection. International independent registration will not be affected other countries and regions to use and protection by the trademark of a country, as there is an independent certificate and more convenient for rights protection;

4, A wider range of registration. International independent countries and regions can be registered in any countries all over the world, while the Madrid registration only applies to  96 countries in the Madrid system.

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